There are several ways to get to KIAS from Incheon International Airport.

You may purchase Limousine and Premium Bus tickets or obtain information at the Transportation Information counter located near the exits 2, 4, 9 and 13 on the passenger terminal arrival floor.

1. Bus
There are many buses from the airport to downtown. The convenient bus to KIAS is one bound for Cheongnyangni. The bus number is '6002' and the bus stop at the airport is No.'5B' or '12A'. The fare is 9,000 Korean Won and the bus departs every 30 minutes. The first bus at the airport departs at 05:30 and the last bus departs at 23:30. You can get off at 'Cheongnyangni' bus stop (It will take about one and a half hours) and take a taxi to KIAS. To KIAS, it will cost about 2,000 Korean Won. Please show this map to the taxi driver so that he can understand where you are headed.

2. Limousine
Take a Limousine Bus bound for 'Do-bong' at Incheon International Airport (Bus fare is 13,000 won). Get off at 'Korea Univ. subway station' bus stop and then take a taxi. Please, show this map to the taxi driver so that he can understand where you are headed.

3. Taxi
If you have heavy luggage, we suggest that you take a taxi. There are two different types of taxis. One is medium-sized taxi and the other is deluxe taxi (black-colored). In case of the former, it will cost about 75,000 Korean Won from the airport to KIAS including toll fee (7,400 Korean Won). In case of deluxe taxi, it will cost about 95,000 Korean won including toll fee (7,400 Korean Won). However, the cost depends on the traffic condition. Please print out this map and show it to a taxi driver, who will then know where you are headed.