Workshop on Deformation and Moduli in Complex Geometry



   Title of Talks :


Bo Berndtsson (Chalmers)

- Symmetrization and variation of plurisubharmonic functions


Mark de Cataldo (Stony Brook)

- The projectors of the decomposition theorem are absolute Hodge


Henri Gillet (U. Illinois, Chicago)

- Fields of definition for projective varieties


Sam Grushevsky (Stony Brook)

- Meromorphic differentials with real periods and the geometry of the moduli space of curves


Radu Laza (Stony Brook)

- The KSBA compactification for the moduli space of degree two K3 surfaces


Shouhei Ma (Nagoya)

- The rationality of the moduli spaces of trigonal curves


Martin Möller (Frankfurt)

- Commensurability of non-arithmetic lattices in PU(1,n)


Keiji Oguiso (Osaka, KIAS)

- Automorphisms of Calabi-Yau manifolds of Picard number two - emphasizing hyperkaehler case


Zsolt Patakfalvi (Princeton)

- Shafarevich conjecture for the moduli space of canonically polarized manifolds


Mihai Paun (KIAS)

- Orbifold generic semi-positivity: an application to families of canonically polarized manifolds


Georg Schumacher (Marburg)

- Holomorphic vector bundles on orbifolds


Yum-Tong Siu (Harvard Univ.)

- Old problems and new perspectives in complex geometry


Dongsoo Shin (Chungnam Univ.)

- Construction of surfaces of general type via Q-Gorenstein smoothing


Xiaotao Sun (Chinese Academy, Beijing)

- Etale fundamental groups and D-modules in char. p>0


Shengli Tan (ECNU, Shanghai)

- Modular invariants of families of curves and applications


Misha Verbitsky (Moscow)

- Ratner theorem and ergodic complex structures on hyperkaehler manifolds


Sai Kee Yeung (Purdue)

- On negatively curved Finsler metrics and Kobayashi hyperbolicity of moduli spaces of principally polarized manifolds


Kang Zuo (Mainz)

- Semi-stable Higgs bundles, representations of algebraic fundamental groups and deformations of families of varieties over positive and mixed characteristic



Sam Grushevsky (Stony Brook)
Jun-Muk Hwang (KIAS)