KIAS hosts an extended workshop on dark matter, LHC physics and cosmology

from Aug. 17 to Sept. 12. The workshop activities will involve lectures, talks and intensive

interactions which hopefully lead to collaborative works among invited experts and participants.
The highlight of the extended activities will be the joint workshop during Aug. 27 – Sept. 4

co-hosted by KAIST and YITP.
The workshop themes are rather broad to include particle physics and cosmology.
Topics in particle physics are recent observational and theoretical developments in dark matter physics,
new ideas beyond Standard Model and experimental issues in the LHC era.
In cosmology, the current status and future prospects of inflation, Comic Microwave Background
observation and N-body study of galaxy and dark matter distribution will be discussed.

We look forward to your participation.

There is no registration fee.
Most participants will be accommodated in a residence hotel with a reduced rate.
On-line registration will be closed on July 30, 2009


On-line Registration was closed.



Invited Speakers

P. Belli (DAMA), D. Cerdeno (Madrid), C.R Chen (IPMU), B. Gripaios (CERN),
S.K. Kim (SNU), J. Kumar (Hawaii), A. Morselli (PAMELA/FERMI), C. Munoz (Madrid),

F. Takahashi (IPMU), K. Cheung (NTHU & Konkuk), Teruki Kamon (Texas A&M and Kyungbook Univ),
Alan Barr (Oxford), 
C.B. Park (KIAS), T. Tanaka (YITP), P. Gondolo (Utah), A. Ibarra (Munich)
Y.G. Kim (KAIST/KIAS), M. Yamaguchi (Tohoku), T. Hambye (Brussels), N. Sugiyama (Nagoya)

J. Yoo (Fermilab)

and more to be confirmed.

Workshop secretaries:
Oh Beom Kwon (
Eung Hoon Kim (

M. Sasaki (YITP & KIAS), M. Drees (Bonn & KIAS), D. Chung (Wisconsin & KIAS),
K. Choi (KAIST), S. Y. Choi (Chonbuk), E. J. Chun (KIAS),
S. K. Kim (SNU), P. Ko (KIAS), S. Scopel (SNU), P. Yi (KIAS)


This workshop is supported by Quantum Leap and Open KIAS program.