KIAS Conference
    The KIAS Conference on Statistical Physics is a biannual conference since 2004. It aims to present new ideas in statistical physics and related fields and to facilitate mutual collaborations among scientists. The fourth conference this year is a satellite meeting of STATPHYS 24 at Cairns, Australia.
 Topics include
    nonequilibrium fluctuations, nonequilibrium phase transitions, large deviations, disordered and glassy systems, population dynamics, bio-related problems, and more....
 Important dates

         31 May, 2010 -Deadline of registration at discount rate and application for accommodation
         15 June, 2010 - Deadline of registration and abstract submission

 Invited Speakers

Hugues Chaté (Saclay)

Sergio Ciliberto (Lyon)

Marcel den Nijs (Seattle)

Seok-Cheol Hong(Korea)

Bongsoo Kim (Changwon)

J. Mike Kosterlitz (Brown)

Wonmuk Hwang (Texas A&M)

Jorge Kurchan (Paris)

Chulan Kwon (Myongji)

Herbert Levine (San Diego)

Satya Majumdar (Orsay)

David Mukamel (Weizmann)

Su-Chan Park (Catholic)

Heiko Rieger (Saarbrücken)

Shin-Ichi Sasa (Tokyo)

Lei-Han Tang (Hong Kong)

Haijun Zhou (Beijing)

Royce Zia (Virginia)

    Hyunggyu Park (KIAS)
    Jae Dong Noh (UOS)