KIAS Conference

    The conference is the 5th one of the biannual KIAS conferences on statistical physics since 2004. It aims to present new ideas in statistical physics and related fields and to facilitate scientific exchange and collaboration among leading scientists as well as students and postdocs. Information on the past conferences can be found at and therein.

 Topics include

     nonequilibrium fluctuations, nonequilibrium phase transitions, large deviations, extreme value statistics, disordered and glassy systems, and more....

 Important dates

    31 May, 2012 - Deadline of registration at discount rate and application for accommodation
    15 June, 2012 - Deadline of registration and abstract submission

 Invited Speakers

Sug-Bong Choe (SNU)

Bernard Derrida (Paris)

Malte Henkel (Nancy)

Hans Herrmann (Zurich)

Haye Hinrichsen (Würzburg)

Hyunsuk Hong (Chonbuk)

Yariv Kafri (Haifa)

Byungnam Kahng (SNU)

Satya Majumdar (Orsay)

Kirone Mallick (Saclay)

David Mukamel (Weizmann)

Hidetoshi Nishimori (Tokyo)

Jae Dong Noh (UOS)

Heiko Rieger (Saarbrücken)

Stefano Ruffo (Florence)

Masaki Sano (Tokyo)

Gregory Schehr (Orsay)

Lei-Han Tang (Hong Kong)

Henk van Beijeren (Utrecht)

Royce Zia (Virginia)


Hyunggyu Park (KIAS)

Jae Dong Noh (UOS)

David Mukamel (Weizmann)

Satya Majumdar (Orsay)