Asian Institutes for Advanced Study Forum (AIASF)


September 26(Mon.) ~ 27(Tue.), 2011


In Asian tradition, "STUDY" is the source of pleasure and tool for life. Asian countries boasting of thousands of years of academic and educational tradition have been facing the new era of scientific discoveries and technological development upon the influx of the western science more than a hundred years ago. How do we make "STUDY" advance and contribute to our life? Leaders of Asian Institutes for Advanced Study gather to discuss the various issues of "STUDY" in the light of their experiences.


Panel Members


Peter Fulde (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Pohang)

Le Tuan Hoa (Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Hanoi)

Hiroyuki Kawada (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study , Tokyo)

Doochul Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul)

Chang-Shou Lin (Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Taipei)

Hideaki Miyajima (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study , Tokyo)

Shigeru Mukai (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto)

Sadanori Okamura (Todai Institutes for Advanced Study, Tokyo)

K. K. Phua (Institute of Advanced Studies, Singapore)

Shinsuke Suzuki (Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Tokyo)

Ngo Viet Trung (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi)

Henry Tye (Institute for Advanced Study , Hong Kong)

Yue-Liang Wu (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China, Beijing) 




Jaewan Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) 




Soyoung Kim (soyoung@kias.re.kr)