Lecture Note

Dmitry Gourevitch (Weizmann Institute of Science)

- Degenerate Whittaker models for real reductive groups


Kaoru Hiraga (Kyoto University)

- On endoscopy for covering groups of SL(2)


Christopher Hughes (University of York)
- Bounding the zeta function


Henry Kim (University of Toronto & KIAS)

- Automorphic Correction of Kac-Moody algebras


Wook Kim (KIAS)

- Residual spectrum under isogeny


Yasushi Komori (Rykkyo University)

- Zeta-functions of weight lattices of compact connected  semisimple Lie groups

Erez Lapid (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
- The Harish-Chandra Schwartz space of automorphic forms 


Yoonbok Lee (University of Rochester)

- Mean Values of $ \zeta'/\zeta(s)$, Correlations of Zeros, and the Distribution of Almost Primes


Jungyun Lee (KIAS)

- Todd operator of 2d cones, special values of zeta function and polynomial behavior


Helmut Maier (University of Ulm)

- Exponential sums with Dirichlet- characters and zeros of Dirichlet L- Serie


Zhengyu Mao (Rutgers University)

- Computation of central values of L-functions


Omer Offen (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)

- Root Numbers and Distinguished Representations


A. Sankaranarayanan (NIMS & Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)

- The role of certain exponential sums and some consequences


David Soudry (Tel Aviv University)

- On CAP representations of  even orthogonal groups


Masatoshi Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

- Zeros of self-reciprocal polynomials and canonical systems of differential equations


Nicolas Templier (Princeton University)

- Harmonic families of automorphic representations


Lin Weng (Kyushu University)

- Non-abelian Zeta Functions for Elliptic Curves and Their Zeros


Cem Yildirim (Bogaziši University)

- A survey of results on small gaps between primes