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·       Nancy Anderson (University of Buffalo)

·       Lucia Ayala (University of California, Berkeley)

·       Hyungmin Chung (SNU & Natinal Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

·       Catelijne Coopmans (National University of Singapore)

·       Takehiko Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)

·       Sungook Hong (SNU & KIAS Fellow)

·       Nick Hopwood (University of Cambridge)

·       Chihyung Jeon (KAIST)

·       Sean Hsiang-lin Lei (Academia Sinica)

·       Changbom Park (KIAS)

·       Jutta Schickore (Indiana University)

·       Doogab Yi (KIAS Junior Fellow)





·       Sungook Hong (SNU & KIAS Fellow)

·       Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)

·       Doogab Yi (KIAS Junior Fellow)





January 24, 2013


Opening Remarks: 1:45pm-2:00


Doochul Kim (President, KIAS)


Heisook Kim (Ewha Womans University & President, Korea Philosophical Society)


Keynote Lectures

Chair: Hasok Chang (University of Cambridge& KIAS)


2-3:20pm: Chung, Hyung Min (Seoul National University & National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

Technical Drawings in Traditional Books: Manual or Iconic Record?


Coffee Break


3:40-5pm: Nick Hopwood (University of Cambridge)

Visible Embryos as Products of Science and Art


5-6pm: KIAS Student Fellows Poster Session


6pm-: Banquet


January 25, 2013


Eyes,Optics, and Modern Vision

Chair: Sungook Hong (Seoul National University &KIAS)

Time: 9:30-10:50am


Jutta Schickore (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Showing Things Properly: Good Visual Practices in 19th-century Microscopy


Catelijne Coopmans (National University of Singapore)

Eyes That Tell Stories: Imaging Technologies and the "Physiognomic Mentality"


Coffee Break: 10 Minutes


Imagining Bodies and Things through Technology

Chair: Doogab Yi (KIAS)

Time: 11:00-12:20pm


Sean Hsiang-lin Lei (Academia Sinica)

Qi-Transformation and the Steam Engine: The Incorporation of Western Anatomy and Re-Conceptualisation of the Body in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Medicine


Sungook Hong (KIAS, Seoul National University)

Nam June Paik’s Synthesized Images as an Interface between Art and Technology


Lunch: Time 12:20-2:00pm


Cosmos in Art and Science

Chair: Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)

Time: 2:00-3:20pm


Lucia Ayala (University of California, Berkeley)

Astronomy, Art and History: Some Reflections from the Image of the Modern Universe in Europe to Contemporary Cosmology


Changbom Park (KIAS)

Visualization of the Universe


Coffee Break: 10 Minutes


Architectural Designs and Models for Life

Chair: Neeraja Sankaran (Yonsei University)

Time: 3:30-4:50pm


Nancy Anderson (University of Buffalo)

Jonas Salk: The Salk Institute Overlooking the Ocean


Doogab Yi (KIAS)

A World in One Dimension? The Sequence Hypothesis and Models for Animal Chromosomes


Coffee Break: 20 Minutes


Visualizing Nature, Visualizing Bodies in East Asia

Chair: Sean Hsiang-lin Lei (Academia Sinica& KIAS)

Time: 5:10-6:30pm


Takehiko Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)

Interpreting Patterns in Nature: Science of Torahiko Terada and UkichiroNakaya


Chihyung Jeon (Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology)

Visualizing the Functional Man: Engineering Anthropometry and the Databases of Body Dimensions and Shapes