Workshop on Geometry of Projective Varieties
 Date : April 5-7, 2011
 Invited Speakers

Gavin Brown (Loughborough)
Construction of algebraic varieties 2

Fabrizio Catanese (Bayreuth&KIAS)
A characterization of varieties whose universal cover is a polydisk or a bounded symmetric domain of tube type

Ivan Cheltsov (Edinburgh)
What we know and what we do not know about Cremona groups?

Kangjin Han (KAIST)
Syzygies of inner projections and graded Betti numbers of quadratic schemes

DongSeon Hwang (KIAS)
Algebraic Montgomery-Yang problem

Paltin Ionescu (Bucharest)
Special projective manifolds

Laurent Manivel (Grenoble)
Minuscule homogeneous spaces, toric degenerations and quantum cohomology

Roberto Munoz (Madrid)
Uniform vector bundles on Fano manifolds

Gianluca Occhetta (Trento)
Splitting criteria for rank two vector bundles on Fano manifolds

Keiji Oguiso (Osaka&KIAS)
A simple remark on a flat projective morphism with a Calabi-Yau fiber

Miles Reid (Sogang and Warwick)
Construction of algebraic varieties 1

Francesco Russo (Catania)
Extremal varieties 3-rationally connected by cubics, quadro-quadric Cremona transformations and cubic Jordan algebras

Costya Shramov (Moscow)
Exceptional and semi-exceptional quotient singularities

Luis Sola Conde (Madrid)

Vector bundles on Fano manifolds


 Lecture Place
5F Seminar room, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul 
Jun-Muk Hwang
Kangwon Lee (kwlee@kias.re.kr)

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