9th Asian International Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Physics

General Information  



The main purpose of the AISAMP series is to create a wide forum for exchanging ideas and information among atomic and molecular scientists and to promote international collaboration in the region of pacific rim, but not excluding countries in other continents.

For this purpose, 25 years ago, senior scientists of Korea, Japan and China started to organize this conference. It started out as a small workshop among three countries and quickly expanded to include other Asian countries. It has been held every other year at one of member countries which has been determined by the international advisory committee.

Scientific Scope includes pure, strategic and applied research involving atomic and molecular structure and processes in all forms of matter and antimatter.

l  atomic and molecular structures, spectroscopy and collisions;

l  atomic and molecular physics with laser or synchrotron radiation;

l  quantum information processing using atoms and molecules;

l  ultrafast phenomena related to atoms and molecules

l  atoms and molecules in surface physics, nanotechnology, biophysics, atmospheric physics and other interdisciplinary studies.

Conference Location:  

The 9th International Seminaron Atomic & Molecular will be held at

 KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)





Hoegiro 87(207-43 Cheongnyangni-dong),

Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 130-722, Korea

Email: soyoung@kias.re.kr