Speakers and Titles




Francesco Benini

S^2 partition functions: Coulomb vs Higgs localization and vortices

David Berman

M-theory, Duality and Generalized Geometry

Chong-Sun Chu

A proposal for a non-abelian theory of multiple M5-branes

Dongmin Gang

Superconformal index with line operators and duality domain walls

Sergei Gukov

Algebraic curves, knots, and SUSY gauge dynamics

Kazuo Hosomichi

Seiberg-Witten Theories on Ellipsoids

Hee-Cheol Kim

5-dim Superconformal Index with Enhanced En Global Symmetry

Nakwoo Kim

BPS conditions of wrapped branes

Seok Kim

M5-branes from gauge theories on the 5-sphere

Neil Lambert

M5-branes from below: lower dimensional views of the (2,0) theory

Kimyeong Lee

On the theory of M5-branes

Sangmin Lee

Klebanov-Witten flows in M-theory

Seung-Joo Lee

Quiver Structure of Heterotic Moduli

Ruben Minasian

M5-branes form outside: stringy corrections with B-field

Takuya Okuda

Vortex loop operators and mirror symmetry in three dimensions

Jaemo Park

Probing nonperturbative dualities in 2+1-dimensions

Jeong-Hyuck Park

Type II Supersymmetric Double Field Theory

Boris Pioline

From black holes to quivers

Pavel Putrov

Fermi gas approach to Chern-Simons-matter matrix models

Leonardo Rastelli

6 = (3+1) + 2: The Superconformal Index of Class S

Soojong Rey

Quantum aspects of higher-spin AdS3 gravityQuantum aspects of higher-spin AdS3 gravity

Douglas Smith

Moduli space of dyonic instantons in 5d SYM

Zhaolong Wang

Refined BPS Indices, Intrinsic Higgs States and Quiver Invariants

Dan Xie

BPS spectrum wall, wall crossing and quantum dilogarithm identity

Piljin Yi

Wall-Crossing and Quiver Invariants